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Marine salt 20 kg with ICP test Fauna Marin...
Marine salt 20 kg with ICP test Fauna Marin Professional Sea Salt Bucket

Marine salt 20 kg with ICP test Fauna Marin Professional Sea Salt Bucket

Fauna Marin Professional Sea Salt Bucket 20 kg


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The professional marine salt contains all the important macros and trace elements in the correct relative quantities that reflect as faithfully as possible the mix that occurs in natural sea water and provides your corals all the essential minerals in bioactive form The professional sea salt has been developed specifically for coral and aquarium breeders with the same professional standards.

As a well-balanced all-rounder, it gives you the best results when used along with any modern filtering system.

Pharmaceutical salts more pure and regular purity and composition inspections in independent laboratories, ensure that the highest standards for sensitive corals can be constantly satisfied.

You can find appropriate certificates on www.faunamarin.eu.

Quantity of salt required for salinity 35 PSU:

39-40 g professional sea salt Fauna Marin for liter of water.

Despite the extreme care given during production, individual values can change due to conditions during transport.

These are average values that apply to the complete product content.

Chemical composition

Magnesium: 1.250 - 1.340 mg / l

Calcium: 410-440 mg / l

Potassium/potassium: 380-400 mg / l

Sodium: 10.300-10.700 mg / l

Chloride: 19.100 - 19.800 mg / l

Sulphate / sulphate: 2650-2750 mg / l

Alcalinity in dKH: 8,0-8,5 °

pH: 8,0-8,4

Bullshit 7.0-9.0 mg / l

Packaging: box with inner sheet


Dissolve the measured quantity of Professional Sea Salt in a clean container, mixing evenly all the time.

To accelerate the dissolution process, add 100 ml of mineral water (gassed) for every 100 l of sea water. You can use water once it is clear

and the salt content has been checked. Approximately 39-40 g of salt is necessary to achieve a salinity level of 34-35 PSU. To take care of your marine life in the best possible way, we recommend you change about 5-10% of the total volume of the aquarium every week with Professional Sea Salt.

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