L’Arca di Zin Fabio stems from my lifelong passion for aquariums, which has been with me since childhood.

Like any dedicated enthusiast, I vividly recall my first aquarium, filled with guppies that bred endlessly. Every morning, like a madman, I counted the little ones: are they all there or did some not make it?

Around the age of ten, I set up my second aquarium with very simple plants. Each new leaf was a celebration!

During high school and then university years, my hobby in aquariums evolved into my first "experiment" with a profession: I sold Red Cherry and Discus fish to local stores, breeding them in my own tanks.

After earning my degree in chemical engineering, I decided to pursue my dream full-time: opening my own aquarium shop to show people how exciting and beneficial having an aquarium can be in everyone's life.

Today, the retail space covers 80 square meters, housing approximately 5,000 liters of fresh and saltwater distributed across about 60 tanks.

My store continues to enrich itself thanks to my constant search for various varieties of fish, corals, plants, and carefully selected products. That's why I make it a point to visit my suppliers' premises periodically, so I can offer you the best that the Italian market currently has to offer.

I enjoy expanding the boundaries of my passion and yours, making it even more vibrant by seeking out and introducing you to rare and fascinating species like Caridina, Betta Splendens, Killifish, Betta splendens, and Arowana. Not to mention my favorites: high-quality Discus and wild South American species.

My passion for the mountains and forests, in particular, inspires me in creating my tanks. Through them and the educational events I organize at my store, I contribute to spreading the art of aquascaping in Italy.

In my stores, both on-site and online at acquarioshop.it, you'll find not only aquariums for sale, but also the finest models of marine and freshwater aquariums, custom tanks, aquarium decorations, backgrounds, tropical plants, Aquaflora and Tropica plants, and everything you need for aquascaping like Seachem and Prodibio substrates, Aquabasis JBL, fertilized substrates, fertilizers, curved tweezers and scissors, dragon stone rocks, ABA beach roots and woods, ABA rocks, fish and coral feeds like Hikari, JBL, Agp Unica line, Aquaforest, Aquarium Munster medicines, and marine salts for aquariums.

And the best of technical components: your Aquili CO2 system, JBL Aquili Aquaforest and RedSea tests, internal and external filters, Tidal and pond backpack filters, Sicce, Mover and Jebao circulation pumps, aerators, cooling fans, automatic feeders, Oxydators, Seachem supplements, Aquavitro, Prodibio and Equo, aquarium light fixtures, LED lighting, sterilizing lamps, ignition groups, and much more.

Last but certainly not least for me, with a team of experts, we design and create custom tanks because I enjoy bringing a piece of nature into your home or professional environment. We can serve you throughout Italy. Visit us at: https://arcasommersa.wordpress.com/

Since 2015, our team has grown, with my sister Michela joining as a partner in the business, responsible for administration, online sales, and customer service.

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