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MCE 400 Deltec fino a 500 litri
Skimmer 1000i from 500 to 1000 liters Deltec
MCE 400 Deltec fino a 500 litri
Skimmer 1000i from 500 to 1000 liters Deltec

Skimmer 1000i from 500 to 1000 liters Deltec

Deltec 1000i, External foam

For aquariums 500 to 1000 liters

Absorbed power: 13 watts with 650 liters of air (in normal operation)
Dimensions (LXBXH): 22 x 15,5 x 52 cm
Pumps Deltec DCC 2 electronically adjustable via controller
For sump with a water level between 15 and 25 cm

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The new series of "DC" and "ix" pumps Deltec incorporate a new emergency overflow system that avoids the overflow of the collecting glass in case the water level abruptly exceeds the specified water depth or the air intake stops. When the water level rises within the body of the skimmer, the air supply to the pump is automatically interrupted through the emergency overflow, further reducing the possibility that the foam will flood the glass if the water level in sump should not increase due to a failure of the return pump.

New protection skimmers also include minimum and maximum level markings on exhaust pipes for easy installation.

The design of the “double base” platform allows the water to exit the skimmer body in a vacuum inside the platform and in the control tube of the integrated level and in the emergency hose. This new design feature means that the water will come out of the skimmer’s body at the lowest point significantly reducing the possibility that the micro bubbles get out of the body, increasing contact time with the air and also reducing noise and turbulence within the body of the skimmer.

Due to the accumulation of waste and the formation of calcium carbonate, foam pumps must generally operate in a difficult environment and must be cleaned periodically to maintain maximum performance. Thinking about this, Deltec has incorporated a faster pump removal system without the need for tools that allows easy disassembly; during a test Deltec, it was possible to remove the pump in less than 20 seconds, which means less time spent for maintenance of the equipment and more time to enjoy your aquarium.

In case of mounting in a foaming tank, a water level between 15 and 25cm is recommended

Operation with ozone:

Ozone is an extremely aggressive gas, if used improperly it can compromise health, therefore it must never directly inhale theozono.Inoltre, if used in high dosage, ozone can also damage the skimmer. The ozone dosage must be set so that the presence of free ozone on the skimmer cover is not perceived. Foams Deltec can be used with ozone dosages between 20 and max. 50 mg/hour per pump.

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