Aquaforest Reef Salt cardboard 25 kg
Aquaforest Reef Salt cardboard 25 kg

Aquaforest Reef Salt cardboard 25 kg

Marine safety for barrier aquariums.

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Aquaforest was born in 1995 and its first commitment is in the production of substrates and fertilizers for plants developed for zoos, private aquariums and for companies specialized in the cultivation of aquatic plants.

A couple of years later the production of own plants began; later they also dedicated themselves to fish and corals. Afterwards, given the growth it was recording, Aquaforest it has thought well to widen its production also to supplements, food and sea salt taking advantage of the experience gained in breeding and growing fish and coral plants.

Thus studies and high-level research begin for marine aquariums; important investments for the creation of unique products designed to better feed their own animals and to cultivate as complete as possible their plants. When they realized the high level they had reached their products, they thought it was time to put them on the market and not to use them exclusively for productive purposes.

In 2011 production began Aquaforest for end users gaining the immediate and growing attention of marine negotiators and aquariums.

The product line Aquaforest was born to put at the service of all the knowledge and experiences accumulated by the founders of the company who know the pros and cons of marine aquariums have learned on their skin how to solve the problems to which we go and what to do to have a spectacular aquarium.

Reef Salt:
Fully synthetic sea salt created by thinking of coral breeding. The composition of the salt was selected to create the best conditions for marine animals. The micro and macro elements contained in it fully meet the needs, on the part of corals, of elements necessary for their proper development and coloring. The addition, in the formula, of probiotic bacteria positively affects the reduction of nitrates and phosphates as well as curbing the development of pathogenic microorganisms in marine aquariums. The seawater so prepared can be immediately used for the change after the dissolution of the salt. In the preparation of new marine aquariums, the first animals invite you not to enter them before 10-14 days from the filling of the aquarium. The salt contains bromides, as in natural sea water, for this reason it is not recommended in filtering systems that use ozone; for the use of the ozonizer we recommend the salt Reef Salt Aquaforest. For the presence of probiotic bacteria, we recommend to maintain the KH level (water hardness) in the range 6,5-8,0, a higher level can negatively affect the SPS coral conditions.

Method of preparation:

the salt must be dissolved in osmotic water. Water temperature should be around 24°C (75°F). To obtain a salinity of 34 PSU (~1.025 S.G.) approximately 3.8 kg (8.4 lbs) must be dissolved in 100 liters (22 US gal.) of water. Stir vigorously the solution for about 15 min. (we recommend the use of a motion pump), after the complete dissolution and the attainment of full clarity the so salty water is ready for use. Store salt in a dry and dark place. The dissolved salt must be used within 48 hours.

22kg treat about 580 liters

5kg treat about 130 liters


Cl: 19000-19500 mg/l
Na: 10500-10600 mg/l
Mg: 1300-1380 mg/l
S: 840-890 mg/l
Ca: 410-440 mg/l
K: 380-400 mg/l
Br: 60-70 mg/l
F: 1.2-1.3 mg/l
Fe: 0.08-0.09 mg/l
Sr. 7-9 mg/l
dKH: 7,4-8,2
pH: 7,8-8,2

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