Reef Calcium  Seachem
Reef Calcium  Seachem

Reef Calcium Seachem

Reef CalciumTM is a complex of bioavailable concentrated calcium polygluconate (50,000 mg/L) aimed at maintaining the right calcium value in the reef aquarium without altering the pH

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The polygluconate complex has several benefits: it increases the bioavailability of calcium, it provides a rich source of metabolic energy that helps maintain the growth of corals, and prevents the precipitation of calcium and the lowering of hardness. Polygluconate does not contain nitrogen or phosphorus, so it is biologically impossible that, if used correctly, it assists to a growth of algae in your barrier aquarium.

Reef CalciumTM is used to maintain the right level of calcium but will also accelerate the level of coral growth if used along with calcium ionic supplements (Reef Complete®, Reef Advantage CalciumTM).

Why is Different

Reef CalciumTM uses a chained organic calcium rather than calcium ions. When a coral absorbs its molecule in its tissue, it uses the same amount of organic calcium energy chained rather than a calcium ion. However, charged molecules require more energy When an unloaded molecule of Reef CalciumTM is absorbed, the coral acquires multiple calcium atoms, so that a metabolized carbohydrate easily uses it with less energy to absorb the calcium ion.

Education For the Use

Add 1 cap (5 ml) for 80 lt twice a week. You can increase the dosage or frequency but do not exceed three caps for 80 lt per day. Each stopper will increase the calcium level for about 3 mg/L. Tips: Use Reef StatusTM: Calcium test kit to measure calcium. You do not need to exceed 380 mg/L of total calcium when using this product. The color and clarity of water may vary for a while.

Guaranteed analysis

Calcium (min)

50 mg

Calcium (max)

52 mg


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