Caridina Multidentata Japonica
Caridina Multidentata Japonica
Caridina Multidentata Japonica
Caridina Multidentata Japonica

Caridina Multidentata Japonica

Multi-dented carids love japonica tg. M (2 cm) L (3 cm) XL (4 cm)


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Caridina Multidentata or also called Amano, in honor of Takashi Amano (for those who did not know him is the father of Aquascaping), is a shrimp ghiotto of algae mainly those filamentous. In his youthful phase (which I always recommend) this fantastic pool member is a huge algae divorcer, but as his diet grows it includes more and more fish food so eats many less algae.

This shrimp supports very well fertilization even a lot of thrust and therefore it is also indicated in the plant aquariums. Its initially minute size imposes appropriate sized tubmates another will hide for most time for fear of being preyed.

The setting of shrimps should be done with great caution, a drop a drop would be optimal, but alternatively also different holes on the bag can go well.

The reproduction in the aquarium is IMPOSSIBLE because in nature the larvae hatch in brackish water.

Here is a tab:

Scientific name : Caridina multidentata

Zone of Origin: Japan, Korea and Taiwan 

Size: 4,5 / 5.5 cm the females – 4 / 4.5 cm the males

Ideal breeding temperatures: from 15° to 30 °C 

Water values : pH 5.5 / 7.5 – GH 2 / 12 – KH: 6 / 10 

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eating algae
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