BioDigest vial bacteria Prodibio
BioDigest vial bacteria Prodibio

BioDigest vial bacteria Prodibio

Quickly start biological filtration
Fight against nitrite growth
Inseminate filtering again after antibacterial treatment

Pack of 6,12 and 30 vials

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BIODIGEST FAL BIODIGEST PRODIBIO, through a concentrated mixture of various nitrifying and denitriphing strains of live bacteria, selected for their ability to convert ammonia into nitrites, nitrates and nitrates into nitrogen, activates natural nitrification and allows for nitrite reduction.

These bacteria (50 billion in each 1 ml vial), indispensable for biological filtration and the elimination of waste, making water really purified, reducing nitrates and phosphates and preventing the spread of filamentous algae.

The Programme Prodibio - Strength points Prodibio operates in a niche market, offering products of excellent quality highly concentrated in original packs of single-dose or aerosol glass, which are packaged in inert atmosphere. This offers products a very long shelf life and means that aquarium owners always have a fresh and active product at hand. In addition to these strengths, products Prodibio can be stored at room temperature, for example, kept under your aquarium. Raw materials Prodibio are all carefully selected, completely natural. I Prodibio uses non-pathogenic microorganisms free from genetic mutations. The packaging in vial and aerosol have been carefully studied and selected in order to maximize product protection and minimize their environmental impact. Glass ampoules, aluminum aerosols and PET boxes are recyclable. Blister packs Prodibio are recyclable and 85% of the materials used for their production are recycled.

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