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copy of Test Ca calcium for marine water JBL
copy of Test Ca calcium for marine water JBL

copy of Test Ca calcium for marine water JBL

calcium test for healthy corals.

For about 50 measurements with glass tubes

for marine water

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The correct water values depend on the fish population and the presence of algae and corals in the aquarium. Water can be contaminated even if it seems clear. To maintain a healthy aquarium with conditions similar to natural ones it is important to check and adjust the water values regularly.

JBL provides water tests for every type of water analysis in the form of fast tests or color-virage tests. These determine a certain value or several values at once. With such water tests you can recognize algae problems and negative values of nitrate, nitrite, potassium, magnesium etc.

Why test?

Calcium helps build the structural substance of corals. A too low level of calcium in a marine aquarium has negative effects on coral growth and compromises the vital functions of other invertebrates (also fish!)

Recommended calcium values:

Freshwater aquariums (community aquariums): calcium is an element of total hardness and is present in much smaller quantities than in marine water, so the test does not indicate it in fresh water.

Marine aquarium: 390-440 mg/l

Easy and safe control of water values in aquariums. Determination of the ideal calcium value for healthy and vigorous growth of corals

Easy to use: fill the plastic tube with water to examine, add the reagents and count the drops to the virage of the color. Number of drops x 20 = content of Ca

Duration: the number of measurements depends on the calcium content

On the website of JBL in the Aquarius thematic area you find comprehensive information on water analysis and troubleshooting

Content: 1 Ca test kit incl. 3 reagents, plastic test tube, syringe, spoon dispenser. The charging reagent is available separately.

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