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copy of Pro JBL Aquatest pH 7.4-9.0
copy of Pro JBL Aquatest pH 7.4-9.0

copy of Pro JBL Aquatest pH 7.4-9.0

Pro Aquatest pH 7.4-9.0

for marine aquariums and sweets

Content: pH reagent kit, 1 test tube and 1 colour card, enough for about 80 measurements


VAT included


Healthy aquariums / ponds in conditions as in nature

The correct water values in the aquarium / pond depend on the fish population and the plants present. Water can be contaminated even if it seems clear. With negative parameters can arise diseases and form algae. To maintain a healthy aquarium/ pond with conditions similar to natural ones it is important to check and adjust the water values regularly.

JBL provides water tests for any type of water analysis in the form of rapid tests or color-virage tests. These determine a certain value or several values at once. With such water tests you can recognize algae problems and negative values of nitrate, nitrite, potassium, magnesium etc.

Why test?

An important premise for the well-being of animals in the aquarium/laghetto and for a prosperous growth of plants is the constant maintenance of the appropriate pH. In addition, many substances dissolved in the water may undergo changes depending on the pH.

Online workshop JBL

Regular controls for a healthy aquarium/ pond with conditions similar to those found in nature. Enter your water values in the Online Laboratory JBL and get a detailed water analysis in seconds.

Recommended pH values:

Freshwater aquariums (community aquariums): 6.5-7,5

Tanganyika-Malawi aquariums: 7,8-9,2

Aquariums with many plants and few fish (aquascaping): 6,0-7,0

Marine aquariums: 7.9-8,5

Ferries: 7.5-8,5

Simple and safe control of water parameters in ponds and aquariums. Determination of the ideal pH in fresh and marine water

Quick test: fill the plastic tube with water to test, add the reagent, read the test value on the colorimetric paper

Duration of application in new settings: for 1 week every day, then every week

On the website of JBL in the Aquarius or Pond theme area you will find extensive information on water analysis and troubleshooting

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